HVAC Ventilation Duct Repair

HVAC Ventilation Duct Repair

Common signs to know you need your HVAC air duct checked for damage or deterioration.

An important component of your home HVAC system is the ductwork, if there are leaks or broken sections of the duct, it will greatly impair the efficiency of your system and call for HVAC duct repair. Like a lot of the hidden structures which support your home and keep it stable and running, your HVAC air ducts might be out of sight, but they should not be forgotten.

Having ‘healthy’ air ducts will ensure that your heating and cooling system will keep your home comfortable while operating at top efficiency. Therefore, it is a smart idea to know the warning signs that you may have a damaged HVAC duct work. You may not see a hole, tear or lose connection which causes troubles, but other signs could lead you to suspect problems with them. Once you experience any of these signs, be sure to call the professionals at HVAC System Pros for duct repair.

 HVAC Duct Repair – Sign #1 Poor Air Quality

Holes or tears in the duct work could result in dust, and other allergens are getting in the HVAC system. Those allergens will spread into your room if not filtered out correctly. When you see a drop in the interior air quality, particularly when you or your loved ones are having an allergic reaction, asthma and other respiratory concerns, broken air ducts might be at fault. If your air duct is broken, you will need to call HVAC System Pros for HVAC air duct repair or replacement service.

HVAC Duct Repair – Sign #2 Difficulty in Properly Cooling and Heating a Room

When you cannot get your living room cool in the humid season, regardless of how low you switch on the temperature it would not work.  You may have a problem with your air conditioning ducts. The air leakage which results from openings and a loose connection between them will cause the cooling and heating units to work harder to recompense and depending on the degree of the issue. They might not be capable of keeping up. Again you will need to call HVAC System Pros for A/C duct leak repair service.

HVAC Duct Repair – Sign #3 High Energy Bills at the end of the Month

Once your HVAC system is leaking air and your AC or furnace is functioning full blast to keep up, you are consuming more energy than you would normally with properly operating ducts. An instant spike in your monthly energy bill can be an indication that you may need for HVAC duct repair and or replacement.

hvac system pros duct repair

All of these concerns can also be an indication of an issue with your HVAC unit, rather than your air duct. That is why it is essential to get the service of a reliable HVAC System Pros who could check your whole heating and cooling unit to find the culprit. Only an AC expert will know precisely what steps to take to address the issue.

It is essential to deal with air duct issues at the first sign of trouble, because, by the time you see a drop in your home’s quality of air or energy efficiency, they might have been under-performing for some time.

Waiting to address broken air ducts can reduce the life of your AC system, resulting in more expensive air duct repairs or air duct replacements down the line. Plus, through addressing air duct problems quickly, you are making your home a healthier place to live.

For help with HVAC duct repair or any other HVAC Services, be sure to call the experts at HVAC System Pros today.  To find HVAC repair services near you, check out our Service Areas page.  “Your comfort is our utmost concern!”  HVAC System Pros – prompt, professional and affordable.  Call us today!


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