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Stop Sweating fix your Air Conditioner with these simple tips!

Stop Sweating fix your Air Conditioner with these simple tips!

Is your Air Conditioner not cool enough for the Summer heat?

You are in luck, today we will share you ways to check, and fix simple issues that maybe affecting your Air Conditioner.

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If you can hear your central air conditioner running, however, it does not cool well. Ensure that there is nothing is blocking or restricting air circulation throughout the system- the vents, air filters, or the compressor.

 Next, check the Air Handler:

Tips to inspecting the Indoor Air Handler

1. Shut off the power to the cooling air handler or heater. If the air handler is a gas heating system, shut off the gas at the gas valve that serves the heating system.

2. Remove the hatch on the front of the air handler cabinet so you can access the filter. Take out the filter and change or clean it as necessary.

3. Search for ice. If you see any frost around the coils, close the system back up, turn the power back on, and turn on the fan. The ice will needs to melt in order for the unit to function correctly and indicates a bigger problem that may require a professional to service or replace the unit.

Ice In the Air Conditioner Air Handler

Just two things activate an AC air handler to freeze up:

1) reduced air circulation because of dirty filters, coils, or improperly working fans, and 2) low refrigerant level, which a pro needs to analyze and, if possible, recharge. Most of the time, the concern originates from decreased air circulation.

Remove the Condensate Drain

AC system running in hot or humid conditionings can create a significant amount of water since they eliminate wetness from the air. To be devoid of this, they have a “generally plastic” drain pipeline that comes out of the side of the air handler. Slowly, algae can obstruct this pipeline and, when it does, the excess water will flood if AC does not shut off. Many condensate drain pans have a float switch built in that in the event of flooding will shut off the A/C and not let it continue to operate if undrained water collects.

If your unit does not have this feature and is in a place such as an attic where damage can occur if there is flooding we strongly suggest installing one. Other wise water will pool around the system and flood the location.

Ways to Examine the Outdoor Compressor

1. Shut off the power. Before cleaning up, the compressor switched off all power to the system and confirmed that it is off.

2. Tidy the outside compressor.
Making sure there are no obstructions around the compessor.

3. Make sure that the compressor is correctly working. Set the thermostat to a temperature level under the space temperature level. You need to have the ability to hear the outside compressor run and see the fan switching on. If the fan isn’t turning, search for a load button or button to reset (not all types have this). Utilize a screwdriver or stick down through the leading grille and effort to spin the fan blades clockwise. They should turn easily. If the fan needs a boost to start it going, the system has a malfunctioning capacitor that needs to be changed or changed.

4. Lastly, have the coolant levels checked. If none of the steps worked, the coolant might require charging by and air conditioning professional. Call a qualified local AC system expert— this is not something you can do yourself.

These guidelines are shown to provide background and insight for you. Use this background understanding when talking about the your system with knowledgeable specialists, and you ensure to obtain quality work that satisfies the requirements of your home’s cooling system. In case you require a reliable Expert to assist you to fix your AC system in your home, call us – HVAC System Pros are here to assist you. Schedule a consultation now!