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How to fix Water Leaking from your AC this summer

How to fix Water Leaking from your AC this summer

This summer is likely to heat up through out the United States.

It is critical that your AC systems remain functioning. If you live in California you are going to make sure that everything about you Air Conditioning system is checked out and functioning properly. Below are some do it yourself maintenance items any home or business owner can take a look at and remedy before there is a bigger problem.  

Too hot because of your AC Leakage

Is water leaking from Air conditioning unit this hot summer?

An air conditioning unit with high-efficiency cooling systems produce considerable amount of condensation and water build up — today we’re going to discuss the excess water that comes off your air conditioning unit, particularly in hot environments– some can produce gallons every day. Consequently, this water has to leave the air handler. Generally through a plastic pipeline or a drain tube. That drain then goes straight outdoors, frequently ending near the compressor, or to a floor covering drain or a little electrical “condensate pump” located near the air handler. Where a condensate pump is utilized, it connects to a half an inch rubber or vinyl tube that goes outdoors or to a drain.


Water at the Base of the Air Handler

Water leaking or pooling at the bottom of the air handler reveals: 1) a leak from the plastic PVC pipes or tubes, 2) something might be obstructing the water’s circulation and exit, or 3) the condensate pump might not be working properly. In any case any of these three issues may cause flooding a damage to your home or business.

Keep in mind: Often but not always a Float switch is built into the pan of your A/C system.

On some air handlers, the condensation drain has a little security float switch linked to it. If the pan or drain fills with water, the float switch will turn off the power to the a/c unit. (If this happens it is a clear indication that it’s time to clean and inspect the condensation drain).

If your system includes an electrical condensate pump, ensure it is connected to a working electrical outlet. You can easily test by plugging in a lamp to see if there is power present. If not check that the GIF is not tripped or the electrical box breaker has not been tripped. Also check that the pipe that drains the water is securely attached to the  

Most likely is the possibility that tv or the pump is blocked with algae. If this is true, make use of a wet-dry vacuum to draw all the water from the pipeline. In some circumstances, it is much easier to change it with brand-new half-inch pipeline purchased online, at an HVAC supply shop, or at a well-stocked home improvement center.

AC Condensation Pump Not working.

Placed beside the air handler or heating unit, condensation pump is simple to change. A brand-new one expenses about $50.

1. Evaluate the pump by putting water into its collector. The pump, which is turned on by an inner ball float that increases with the water level, should start. A stuck or broken ball float will not increase. If it’s stuck, detach the pump from the power and the inbound tubes, take apart the top and clean it out completely.

2. To get rid of algae, soak into the water with bleach. (1/16 bleach to water) Note: Do refrain from doing this in you backyard– it will kill the grass the yard.

3. If the pump runs, nevertheless, does unclear the channel, the ball-like valve before the discharge tube is most likely stuck. Launch the valve, relax the ball within, and try to find a blockage and a build-up of algae. Run a wire through it to clear it or Blow on it. (alter brand-new tube if needed).

4. Ice might be blocking the air flow. If it is, clear or alter your AC filters. If the filters seem great, the cooling system’s refrigerant supply is fairly low.

These guidelines are suggested to give background and insight for you. Use this background understanding when talking about the required deal with experts, and you ensure to obtain quality work that satisfies the requirements of your home’s cooling system. In case you require an Expert to assist you to set up the air conditioning system in your home, call us – HVAC System Pros are here to assist you and recommend you. Schedule a consultation now to get your AC fixed now!