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The L.O.V.E. of HVAC Maintenance

The L.O.V.E. of HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance with L-O-V-E

Have you ever experience coming home alone with a bone-chilling temperature because your heating system is not working properly? Suddenly, you call your provider and your system maintenance guy is busy until next week because of the high number of other systems that need worked on in winter! It must be a frustrating experience for you – that’s why – we advise our customers to maintain their heating system before the cold season starts! It is like driving 100, 000 miles long to the west coast and leaving the oil unchecked!

guy maintaining the ac

At HVAC Pro’s we give you a highly maintained heating system, we will be right in front of your door to check up, tune up and heat up your system to provide all the warmth you need! We care for our customers, we advise them to perform the routine maintenance during the spring and fall to avoid unnecessary interruption by the season you need it the most! We also give them a heads up for the benefits they can get for maintaining their HVAC – we call it L-O-V-E Maintenance!

  • Lower Bills – remember that half of your utility bills is from the HVAC system you use so having a well-maintained HVAC System can prevent a sky-high total cost for it uses less energy to heat up or cool down the house.
  • Omit Pollutants – by having a routine maintenance in your HVAC – your family can breathe better, fresher and cleaner air! We clear out the air pollutants such as mold, bacterias, dusts and so on!
  • Vitality – you know the importance of your HVAC systems! Regular Inspections and tune-ups can help the system last longer and address the minor problem immediately so it can live up to 15-20 years!
  • Efficiency – If you know that your HVAC is well-kept up, then you have the confidence that it is working as reliable and as efficient as it should be! You can be sure that it won’t disappoint your expectation of a kind and affectionate night your family deserves!

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now and we sure to provide you the L-O-V-E you need during this cold freezing season!

What LOVE Maintenance can do for you? We just:

  • Check your system’s thermostat to make sure that it’s adjusted correctly for your comfort.
  • Assessing the current and voltage on every equipment motors
  • Tightening fuel line connections
  • Adding lubrication for the parts to move smoothly against the friction
  • Double-checking the condensing furnace and clean it out if necessary
  • Modifying some loose connections for it can cause inappropriate operations.
  • Adjusting the blower
  • Examine the burner combustion, heat exchanger and gas pressure

Remember that your heating system sets the temperature in your home. It is as important as showing your love to the people you care about. When all of our heating and ventilation system is in good condition, we can ensure that we are in one place can be secured and warmth up – and no coldness can freeze us out!

Call us now to schedule a maintenance appointment!